The Need of Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Legal malpractice cases in Gilstrap & Associates involve a lazy or careless work committed by a lawyer. A common mistake ended in such situations by a lawyer is failing to file a lawsuit on time because of mislaid the law of limitations date or not appointing an expert to verify legal liability or damages or failing to file the suitable documentation with the court that results in your case being dismissed or any other careless act that causes you some type of financial damage.

Lawyers, just like doctors, ought to take an oath before they start practicing in a public arena to serve in the best interest of their clients. When a lawyer breaks this pledge, they can be detained accountable for this type of malpractice.

Deceitful and neglectful practices by lawyers need the attention of legal malpractice lawyer. It must be confirmed with no shadow of hesitation that this malpractice is the reason the client to experience damaged in one way or another. In general, according to , Gilstrap & Associates, a malpractice lawyer in the El Paso area, the damages are related to financial loss.

Legal malpractice happens when a lawyer has not set everything legally in accord with the book. This means he has not prepared his work as any other practical lawyer would have made in the practice of law with help of P.C. This negligent act has caused the client harm and has caused the client to suffer lost in some way. We refer to this as damages.

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