Child Visitation: Preparing for Child Custody Court.

To be successful in child custody court, it is vital to have a solid visitation plan prepared. While you are making your child visitation plan, there are certain key elements to consider. These include thinking about the calendar schedule you’d like to have, the holiday schedule, and any vacation time or special events. Firms like Anton Legal Group can help to know more about child visitation. If you think these issues through then your court day will go well.

The basic schedule you want to have for custody is the basis for your calendar. Pick a schedule that works for your situation. Maybe you are trying a shared parenting plan and the time is split between the parents. You may want to try alternating weeks. You can also have a schedule where one parent has the kids on the weekends, and the other parent has them during the week. Or every other weekend. Or the second and fourth weekend. You can also add extra visiting days in the week–these can be evening or overnight visits. Make a calendar of your basic schedule for at least a year–this allows you to have the visual picture you need to see how much time you have with the kids.

Once you have the schedule set out for a year, come up with your holiday schedule. For the holiday schedule, you need to decide what holidays the child spends with what parent and how long the holiday lasts. You should divide the big holidays–Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.–evenly between the parents. You also need to determine if the holiday time goes for several days, or if the day is split between the parents. You swap the holiday schedule every year–so if you don’t have the kids for Thanksgiving this year, you can have them next year.

Another part of the holiday schedule is to think about the times when the kid’s schedule changes–like spring and summer break. Since the children don’t need as much stability during the breaks, there can be a break from the routine custody. You can schedule more visitation days during these times.

You can also consider if there will be any periods of the year where there will be special events–either one-time or recurring. A one-time event might be the child spending the day with the parent on the parent’s birthday. Recurring special events could be the games for a sporting event or anything else that the child is involved with that the other parent will participate in. Mark these in your calendar.

If you go to the work of preparing a good parenting plan that is in the best interest of your child, you don’t need to worry about custody court. You will impress everyone with your calendar and the custody and visitation schedule that you’ve set up. Thinking about the basic schedule that you want, the holiday schedule, and the special events will get you on the right track. Tampa child custody attorneys at Anton Legal Group are here to help you.

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