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Child support is such services that are necessary for a person’s livelihood. The law lists various types of maintenance: spouse support, child support and parental support. The supportĀ obligation of a person always presupposes two things: who wants to receive maintenance, must also be dependent on maintenance; the person who is to provide support must also be efficient, only then there is a maintenance obligation. Find a good child support lawyer.

Spouse support: In this case, it is again to distinguish between the separation maintenance and the post-marital maintenance. The separation benefit is granted during the period in which the spouses live separately until the final divorce. Then there is the possibility to grant the posthumous maintenance. It used to be that when the remarried person was remarried, he would not have to pay full when he remarried, as the new marriage was credited with her new financial obligations. According to recent case law, this is rejected – the maintenance claim may not be reduced due to a new marriage.

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